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English Home Language | Self study resource package

Presented by Chanelle Peverett

Chanelle holds two degrees, a Bachelor of Arts in Education, specialising in English, as well as an Honours Degree in English. She has been inspiring students and educators for 24 years, both in the public and private sector During these 24 years of teaching, she has taught Grade 12 students English across various curricula: GDE (CAPS), IEB and CAIE up to A Levels.

Chanelle has helped prepare thousands of students for their final examinations by presenting revision sessions hosted by numerous universities. She has also presented English lectures on television for first year university students for the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC2). Annually, she trains students, from many GDE, IEB and CAIE schools, to write the National English Olympiad, as well as the IEB Advanced Programme English examination and International Cambridge examinations.


This session has already been presented live. We are sorry that you missed it! However, you may purchase the following resources as a means to revise for this subject:

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