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digital marketing executive training

AAA invites all delegates to register for our Digital Marketing Academy to help refine your marketing skills and prepare you for future career success within the Marketing and Advertising industry. Whether you’re a storytelling, visual thinking or strategic creative, a specialist marketer, a digital entrepreneur or a freelancer, this course provides you with the opportunity to develop effective digital marketing strategies and practically implement these skills with confidence in any campaign.

By looking at fundamental building blocks and best practice principles, our expert lecturers will guide the delegates through the implementation of the practical elements involved in creating successful campaigns. This is a key aspect because an understanding of the Digital Marketing environment requires a broad knowledge on how to remain relevant and how to optimise on digital platforms in order to reach the required target audience.

As Africa’s #1 and most awarded Advertising school, delegates can look forward to a holistic experience that sharpens your mindset to become an individual who can leverage the latest digital platforms and innovations. More often than not, it’s easy to create digital campaigns that do not succeed in meeting the intended objectives – however, with our world-class Academy, delegates dive deeper into market insights and analysis, which aims to guide your strategic approach towards creating marketing campaigns that succeed in meeting the objectives set at the beginning.

Our Digital Marketing Academy programme is accredited by the International Advertising Association (IAA), meaning that upon completion, delegates are fully equipped with the tools they need for a flourishing upward career trajectory, with an internationally recognised qualification.

AAA also provides working professionals across Agencies and Corporate organisations with a world-class education in writing effective copy for digital platforms and how to manage business websites as well as content creation tips for various social media campaigns.

digital marketing

Everything you need to know to improve your digital strategy

UI/UX design for digital media

Design skills to help you stay ahead of the curve in this fast paced, interdisciplinary field

copywriting for a digital world

A practical course for those who are passionate about words and ideas!