AAA School Of Advertising

The AAA Experience

Shaping the world, together.


Shaping the world and the creative industry means being the difference that drives meaningful change. It’s about instilling in our students the values of innovation, integrity, and passion. We believe in nurturing creative minds who are not just ready to enter the industry but to transform it. Our students emerge as storytellers equipped with the courage to challenge conventions and the empathy to connect deeply with audiences. By fostering a spirit of creativity and resilience, we empower our students to leave a lasting impact, crafting campaigns that resonate and inspire. At AAA, we don’t just teach advertising; we cultivate pioneers who shape the future.

A unique AAA experience.


In an ever-changing world, we want our students to be equipped for the future by becoming world-class innovative thinkers. As an institution, we stay up to date with industry trends and digital developments, ensuring our students receive the most relevant and up-to-date education. Our integrated approach to learning offers a dynamic blend of academic theory and practical application. Whether it’s campaign challenges, internships, tackling a variety of business problems, refining one’s skills, or developing a creative voice. We believe that the key to transforming a good student into a great one requires personal input and this is why we limit the number of students per course so that they can enjoy a deeper learning experience and become confident in taking on the world of work.

Helping you reach your potential.



As a requirement, students complete a mandatory four-week internship at an agency, media, or marketing company to gain real-life practical work experience. Many of our final-year students receive employment offers even before they graduate. As an institution, we understand how important it is to create opportunities for our students so they can thrive and be noticed in the job market. In a country where unemployment is so rife, we make it our duty to help them succeed in and out of the lecture rooms.

Guest lecturers & speakers

Throughout the year, industry experts are invited as guest lecturers to provide practical advice, up-to-date insights, and best-practice learning. This helps our students get face-to-face advice on their work and what the industry expects, helping them to enter the work environment with confidence.

Industry awards

Throughout the year we encourage our students to participate in industry competitions such as the Loeries or Pendoring awards. Students with award nominations attend these prestigious awards evenings to receive their awards alongside the industry’s best. By instilling this culture, we aim to expose students to the industry and mould them into award-winning creatives.


 Many of the top talent in the industry are AAA alumni. These marketers and creatives have made fantastic contributions to their various industries and agencies which speaks to the calibre of students that we produce.