AAA School Of Advertising

The AAA Experience

Unique AAA learning experience

Immerse yourself

You gain real-world experience from day one. Our integrated approach to learning offer a dynamic blend of academic theory and practical application. You will be challenged to create campaigns for real brands, tackle a variety of business problems, refine your personal skills and develop your creative flair.

Equipped for the future

In an ever-changing world, we want you to be equipped for the future and become a world-class innovative thinker who will add value. Because we want you to be up to date with industry and digital developments, we ensure you receive the most relevant and up-to-date education.

Together we shape the world

We believe that to become the best, you need to learn from the best. That’s why at AAA we bring together the most brilliant minds in the industry. We have a network of respected academics and industry professionals who are passionate about getting our students industry ready.

We know that to succeed in life, you need more than a portfolio or academic certificate. We care about your personal development and journey alongside you to help you develop the professional and personal skills you need. This is why we limit the number of students per course, so that you can enjoy a deeper learning experience and become confident in taking on the working world. Together, we will be fanning your creative thinking, develop your strategic skills, cultivate excellence and inspire your passion for making a difference in the world.

The key to transforming a good student into a great one, requires personal input and this is why we limit the number of students per course so that you can enjoy a deeper learning experience and become confident in taking on the working world.

We tap you into the industry and it’s brilliant minds

We provide opportunities for our students to interact with, and market themselves to people in the industry who matter. Thus, long before graduating, AAA students can begin to shape their careers.


Full-time students complete a mandatory four-week internship at an agency, media or marketing company to gain real-life practical work experience. Many of our final year students receive employment offers even before they graduate.

Guest lecturers and judges

Industry experts are invited as guest lecturers to provide practical advice, up to date insights and best-practice learnings. In their final year, students work on campaigns that are judged by the industry to ensure they achieve industry standards in their work.

Industry awards

Students also have opportunities throughout their studies to showcase their talent to the industry. We invite the industry to our AAA showcase exhibitions, where they can view the student’s best work. By participating in industry awards, students have an additional platform to showcase their talent to the industry. Students with award nominations attend these prestigious awards evenings to receive their awards alongside the industry’s best.


Many of the top talent in the industry are AAA Alumni. These marketers and creatives have made fantastic contributions to their various industries and agencies. One thing is for sure though – we are very proud of them!