AAA School Of Advertising


The AAA Foundation Programme is an innovative programme that has been carefully designed to prepare students for the pace and challenges of higher education and help them transition.

The Foundation Programme provides essential academic learning in academic literacy, academic English, numerical skills and computer skills, whilst supporting the development of life skills, independent thinking and learning.

It caters specifically for students and matriculants who are talented and passionate, but who do not yet qualify for Tertiary education.

Some modules also prepare students for future studies in the advertising and marketing communication industry as they are introduced to business, marketing communications and creative writing skills. 

If you have creative flair, are skilled with words or have a natural strategic thinking ability, contact AAA today to find out more.

Current Grade 11 and 12’s, as well as 1st year students at any Higher Education Institution can enrol for one or more Foundation Programme modules to become better prepared for higher education.

For more information about the AAA Foundation Programme, please contact us at or click below on the diffrent programmes to read more.