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The world is changing at the rate of gigabytes, and if you look specifically at what has happened in the last year, it doesn’t look like it is slowing down anytime soon. Within weeks of the pandemic hitting we already had a new vocabulary… “zoom, online classrooms, hangouts, remote working, new normal and on and on it goes. And we saw the same thing happen to almost every market. As a brand, if you weren’t online, selling online, creating content, connecting with your audience and outperforming your competitors on google you just weren’t in the game and a lot of business and brands were left to play catch up. It shifted the way we do everything.


And if you are in the world of marketing, a business owner or entrepreneur then you might have needed to extend your ne vocabulary even more. Things like SEO, PPC, content marketing, content creation, analytics, ROAS, CRX, digital footprint, to name only a few, started to float around. And now we are in the thick of it and if you have anything to do with the marketing landscape either as an employee, or a business owner you need to get on top of your game and evolve with this ever-changing world.


Getting an in depth understanding of the digital world of marketing will not only help your brand survive – but it will make sure you remain relevant in the workplace and will open many doors for the future.

At the AAA School of Advertising we’ve been working hard to put together an online short course that will supply all the relevant practical and theoretical knowledge you need to future proof yourself. After looking back at the testimonials from our February Digital Marketing delegates (which you can read here{link to course page}) we thought we would share why they thought the AAA course exceeded expectations:

  1. Online and work appropriate

Our short courses are delivered on Microsoft Teams and are run after hours – usually from 6pm – 8pm so that it doesn’t interfere with your work day. You will have access to our cutting edge learning platform where you can view and download all class notes, lecture notes, assignments and resources

  1. All classes are “live” and led by an Industry Expert

This is not a course where you get access to a dashboard and work at your own pace. Live sessions are held twice a week to encourage related dicussions, case study reviews and peer-to-peer learning. All of our previous delegates thrived in this environment and it makes the learning always more fun and engaging. Our courses are created and taught by industry experts – this means hands on experience and real life examples and solutions, plus you’ll be able to chat to them throughout the duration of the course and get whatever guidance you need.

  1. Up to date and relevant content

Because our courses are designed by industry experts – our coursework is always up to date as they continuously have their finger on the pulse. Apart from studying the latest trends and practical applications, you’ll also get a solid grounding of the foundations of digital marketing that will set you apart from your competitors. 

If you’re new to this world of digital marketing or just feel you need a refresher, it might all seem a bit daunting at first. But that is why we are here – to get you up to speed in the Digital Marketing World.

We have a course starting on the 31 May and have limited seats available as we keep our classes quite small to ensure a seamless and interactive learning environment. Please contact Maureen on (011) 781 – 2771 or email to book your space today. To read the full course outline please click here.

Author: Ditumiso Mahlaba

Ditu has been in the marketing industry for 10 years now and when she isn’t lecturing or studying towards her MBA, Ditu is a digital consultant for several brands local and international. She brings relevant and current insights to the world of digital marketing and her classes are interactive and fun.