AAA School Of Advertising


It is back to school and joining a virtual reality at AAA. 

It is rather refreshing for us to say that our doors are open again, but it is not business as usual. 

We kick started our second term in true millennial style. 

Our classes are conducted through virtual platforms such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom and both lecturers and students enjoyed their first day back.

This is of course a world that isn’t strange at all for AAA students, so the embrace and coming fully on board by attending all the classes came as no surprise. 

A third year student lightened up the mood with her beach background as backdrop of where she was sitting as class commenced, that became a delightful ice breaker in this difficult time.

As an institution, we are proud to mention that upon registration we issued every single first year and first time student of AAA with a tablet and to all our students embarking in a creative direction, we issued Adobe licences.

 Furthermore, we have state of the art lab rooms with the latest Apple Mac books for our creative students to work on when back on campus. Each student is assigned their personal Mac book for the duration of their studies. 

We have recognised that with the required change in how teaching and learning is now being conducted, there will be students that are affected. They may not have the proper hardware at home for them to fulfil their academic requirements.

We are pleased to announce that for those students, AAA has delivered hardware to them on a loan basis to ensure that their schooling experience is not jeopardised and that they do not fall behind. 

Furthermore, our learning online platform (Moodle) has been zero rated, ensuring that students do not incur additional data costs when fulfilling their learning. AAA is also working very hard to ensure that deals can be secured with telecommunication businesses for more affordable data rates during this time to help our students.

In an opinion piece for the Media Year book, our CEO,  Dr Ludi Koekemoer is quoted saying:” The need for education to employ unrivaled 21st century skills and values has become more important now to ensure that we are producing graduates that are critical thinkers, problem solvers with a flare of creativity and have an entrepreneurial mentality.”

As AAA, under the leadership of Dr Ludi Koekemoer, we are doing exactly that. 

We are relentless in our quest to produce the best, career ready students for our industry and we will do so through our disruptive teaching approaches and continuous support and meet our student’s needs.

This is a tough time not only for educational institutions, but for corporate South Africa as well. 

AAA will continue in our efforts of working closely with the advertising, marketing and related industries and different industry bodies. 

We will continue to engage with potential employers to identify jobs and amazing companies for our students to go and work in. 

It is important that we contribute to the success of our industry for the future of our graduates.

Contact Rene Dinkoanyane (Sales and Marketing Manager)  or 011 781 2771