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By Debbie Lees: Foundation Programme Manager, The AAA School of Advertising.

“Part of being optimistic is keeping one’s head pointed toward the sun, one’s feet moving forward.” (Nelson Mandela)

Final examinations can be a significant time of stress for any student, no matter what school year they are in. For Matrics, the 2020 year has been especially challenging in many ways, including having to adapt to new modes and methodologies of teaching and learning, at a time when marks really count.

To the Matrics of 2020, spending too much time worrying about your studies and exams, having feelings of low confidence, low self-esteem and experiencing depressed and anxious thoughts, will ensure that you will not be in a good learning space. These troubled feelings and symptoms in relation to your studies and writing your exams are caused by stress. It is a warning sign that your wellbeing needs attention.

Don’t let the pressure of the final examination period affect your performance now. Be optimistic, keep moving forward and choose to thrive in your quest to conquer your final examinations!

  1. Draw up a study timetable and stick to it
    Time management is key to helping you feel focused and in control. Create a plan and stick to it. Include a routine that you can manage, focusing on the times of day that you are most alert. Put up your study timetable for everyone in your household to see. It is important for them to support you in your studies and you to learn effectively.

  2. Eat well and feel well
    The food that you put into your body can have a huge impact on how your brain works. As tempting as it is to eat the local takeaways or even worse, skip a meal, it is not the way to supercharge your brain. Make a point of taking in foods that can improve your memory, fuel your brain, and help you master your studies. The best way to feed your brain is to eat a wide range of foods from all food groups and to drink lots of water.


  1. Take regular breaks and reach out to those you can talk to
    Learn to recognise when you are stressed out. Don’t be afraid to take a break and have a conversation with someone who knows about the pressure you’re under. This will allow you to put things into perspective.

  2. Sleep routine is important
    Ensure that you get eight hours of sleep every night over the period of the examinations. Wind down completely before you go to bed and don’t revise under the duvet on your bed – your bed is your sanctuary, not your desk.

  3. Limit social media and build rewards and treats into your study timetable
    Incorporate small rewards and treats that you can look forward to, for sticking to your study timetable. You need to ditch all social media while you are studying. Put your phone out of sight and on silent when you are studying. Once you have met your study goals for each day, treat yourself to just 30 minutes on your phone to catch up on what you missed out on.
  4. Access free online resources to enhance your preparation
    Ensure that you capitalise on and use the many free, excellent online resources created by national education departments, higher education, and corporate institutions. Visit their websites to access academic and other forms of support.

During these unusual times, extra help will go a long way. The AAA School of Advertising has put together a sound, online matric revision programme which will enhance the already excellent work being done by Matric Educators in secondary schools. Students can register here for the following subjects:



Mon 26 Oct 

Business Studies 

Tues 27 Oct 

Life Sciences 

Wed 28 Oct 

English Home Language 

Wed 28 Oct 

Afrikaans Home Language 

Thurs 29 Oct 

English Additional language  

Thurs 29 Oct 

Afrikaans Additional Language 

Friday 30 Oct 


Ultimately, don’t lose sight of the fact that there is life after your examinations. Things might seem intense right now, but it won’t last forever.

“We wish all Matrics huge success for the 2020 end year exams!”