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Industry Talks – Liad Shadmi: Israeli creative ahead of his time


Currently working in Hamburg, Germany as a freelance Graphic Designer and Art Director, Liad is passionate about exploring everything there is to know about the art of design, in particular perfecting meaningful design research. With an extensive resume ranging from a Master’s in Visual Communication, a 2018 Adobe Awards Semi-finalist as well as a 2023 TDC Tokyo Student Winner to name a few, design has become not only a career but life itself. He specialises in Graphic Design, Brand Identity, Art Direction, Type Design, Print & Layout, and Web Design, with a strong emphasis on Typography, which he explores in detail in his MA project, The Alphabetical Room.

The project looks at the boundaries and limits of writing within a strictly calculated mathematical three-dimensional grid, inspired by Josef Müller-Brockmann’s Grid Systems. A common theme that can be found in his work is the intricacies of vernacular design, exploring the identity of a people, origin, or cultural group, making him an anthropological designer of sorts.

Lecture name: The Alphabetical Room

Time & Date: Monday 29th of May at 1pm.

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