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Industry Talk – Creative Co-Operation in the Metaverse


Karlien Kriegler is the Director and Co-founder of Hello Ara, a chatbot company that makes social data fun by humanising quantitative research through conversation. Hello Ara’s chatbots bring you closer to your customer, helping you understand their innermost thoughts and desires.

Karlien holds a Master’s degree in Consumer Science and has 19 years of Global market research agency and senior management experience. At TNS she was joint MD of South Africa and later Chief Client Officer of Kantar South Africa. 

She has worked on a range of Global and local brands across Africa and the rest of the world. She believes that market research should be about curiosity, rigour, and creativity and that innovation is crucial for the industry to stay relevant.

Using new forms of technology to innovate in market research, combining human understanding with unstructured data sources and AI to bring insights with detail at scale.

Industry Talk – Creative Co-Operation in the Metaverse

Date:    13 March 2023

Time:       13:00 – 14:00

Location: Cape Town Campus

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