AAA School Of Advertising

HKLM Branding x aaa School of Advertising: A Graduate’s Success Story

As an advertising school recognised for its commitment to excellence in the world of communications for over 30 years, the aaa School of Advertising not only imparts theoretical knowledge but also places a strong emphasis on practical experience. The school’s robust internship and job placement program is designed to bridge the gap between classroom learning and the demands of the professional realm. Through strategic partnerships and initiatives, the school consistently opens doors for its students, shaping them into industry-ready professionals.

Among the numerous success stories that have emerged from the aaa School of Advertising, the collaboration with HKLM Branding via their Work Integrated Learning Programme stands out as a shining example. This partnership has not only provided students with invaluable hands-on experience but has also been a catalyst for the professional breakthrough of graduates.

Candy Raquel Ndlovu, a recent graduate, delves into her success within the vibrant corridors of the aaa School of Advertising, and how her experience at HKLM Branding has shaped the beginning of a flourishing career in marketing.

1.Can you summarise your degree for us?

I studied a BA in Marketing Communication at the aaa School of Advertising, where I developed a comprehensive understanding of the principles and practices that drive effective communication within the business and marketing realms. This program equipped me with valuable skills in strategic communication planning, brand management, market research, and digital marketing. Through coursework and practical projects, I honed my ability to craft compelling messages, analyse target audiences, and implement integrated marketing campaigns. Overall, my BA in Marketing Communication provided me with a solid foundation to navigate the dynamic landscape of modern marketing and contribute meaningfully to communication strategies within a variety of professional contexts.

2. Why did you choose aaa?

I chose the aaa School of Advertising because of its renowned reputation in the field of marketing education. The school’s commitment to providing practical, industry-relevant knowledge as well as its track record of producing successful professionals were compelling factors for my decision. Additionally, the comprehensive curriculum and opportunities for hands-on experience align perfectly with my career goals in the marketing industry.

3. And what would you say your career aspirations are?

My goal is to secure a challenging and dynamic role within my field of study. I am eager to apply the knowledge and skills acquired during my academic journey in a practical work environment. My goal is to continually learn and grow, gaining hands-on experience that will contribute to both my personal and professional development. I am open to exploring different facets of my field, identifying areas where I can make a meaningful impact and contribute positively to the organisation I join.

4. Why HKLM Branding?

I was attracted to HKLM’s sterling reputation in the industry, particularly in areas that align closely with my professional interests and aspirations. They’re really committed to innovation, creativity, and delivering high-quality solutions within branding, marketing, and communications. HKLM also has a really good collaborative and dynamic work culture which would draw in any young person. There’s an emphasis on fostering a supportive and inclusive environment, and that appealed to my values and career preferences.

Lastly, HKLM’s impressive track record of successful projects and ties to premium blue-chip corporations solidified my belief that this is the ideal place for me to contribute, learn, and thrive in my professional journey

5. What have you learnt so far and what are you looking forward to in the future?

I’ve learned the importance of practical application of theoretical knowledge. Working with HKLM has provided me with valuable insights into the dynamics of teamwork, effective communication, and adapting to the pace of the professional environment.

Looking forward, I am particularly excited about the opportunity to contribute to meaningful projects, learn from seasoned professionals, make lasting relationships, and continue expanding my skill set in this exciting industry.