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AAA and Toy Kingdom Collaborate to Ignite Creativity for their 5th Generation Store.

[CAPE TOWN, 12 JUNE 2023] – AAA School of Advertising, the leading institution for advertising and marketing education, proudly announces its collaboration with Toy Kingdom, a beloved name in the toy retail industry. This exciting partnership marks a significant milestone as AAA School of Advertising students were given the unique opportunity to create innovative concepts for Toy Kingdom’s highly anticipated 5th-generation store.

The collaboration began with an inspiring brief from Toy Kingdom, challenging the students to envision a store experience that would capture the imagination of children and parents alike. Under the guidance of esteemed faculty members, AAA School of Advertising students dedicated themselves to the task, pouring their creativity and expertise into developing compelling concepts that would revolutionise the toy retail space.

After weeks of intensive work and countless iterations, the students presented their exceptional ideas to the discerning panel of Toy Kingdom executives. The presentations were met with great enthusiasm and admiration, as each group showcased their unique vision for the 5th generation store. Toy Kingdom was highly impressed by the calibre of talent displayed by the students and the innovative concepts they brought forth.

“It is truly remarkable to witness the level of creativity and ingenuity demonstrated by the students at the AAA School of Advertising. They have surpassed our expectations and delivered concepts that are both imaginative and commercially viable,” said Hylton Bannon, Managing Director of Toy Kingdom.

AAA School of Advertising and Toy Kingdom are delighted to announce the winner of this prestigious competition. The chosen group not only demonstrated remarkable creativity but also presented a comprehensive and visionary concept that perfectly aligned with Toy Kingdom’s brand ethos. As a token of appreciation for their outstanding achievement, the winning group will receive a grand prize of R100,000 to be used towards their tuition at AAA School of Advertising, further nurturing their promising advertising careers.

However, the collaboration does not end there. Recognising the immense potential of all the participating groups, Toy Kingdom has extended an opportunity to the remaining students. These talented individuals will have the privilege of working closely with Toy Kingdom’s various departments to bring their incredible ideas to life. Through this hands-on experience, they will collaborate with the team at Toy Kingdom to design and integrate their concepts into the upcoming 5th-generation store.

“This collaboration between AAA School of Advertising and Toy Kingdom showcases the power of merging academic excellence with industry expertise. It is an incredible opportunity for our students to witness their ideas come to life and make a real impact in the retail landscape,” added Dr Chris Roets, Dean of AAA School of Advertising.

Karmyn van Noordwyk, a third-year marketing student at AAA School of Advertising and member of the winning group, expressed her excitement about the collaboration, stating, “It was great that there was no limit to what we could come up with, and that allowed our creativity to flow freely. It is an incredible privilege to work with a brand like this early on in our careers”

This collaboration between AAA School of Advertising and Toy Kingdom symbolises the power of combining academic excellence with industry expertise. It serves as a testament to the importance of nurturing young talent and fostering creative minds that push boundaries. Both AAA School of Advertising and Toy Kingdom are thrilled to embark on this remarkable journey and are excited to witness the transformation of these visionary ideas into reality. For more information about AAA School of Advertising and Toy Kingdom, please visit their respective websites at and

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