AAA School Of Advertising


AAA students have done it again! 

Congratulations to our final year students: Ian du Toit (Copywriter), Miikha Gonsalves (Graphic Designer) and Keenan Pillay (Art Director), who won the national finals of the L’Oréal Brandstorm under the mentorship of their lecturer, Gwen Jansen van Vuuren. 

They will now compete against winners from around the world,  proudly representing South Africa in the international finals for the 2020 L’Oréal Brandstorm in June.

This year, the Brandstorm challenge was to find an effective and innovative solution to reduce the use of plastic in the cosmetics industry. 

The winning team’s curiosity, commitment and creativity set the groundwork for a successful campaign from the start. 

Their winning formula?  

A sustainable, low-cost, environmentally friendly, easy to produce solution that has massive potential over the cosmetics industry as a whole, as well as the potential to completely eliminate plastic use altogether in the packaging of cosmetics products.

Four of the eight teams that competed in the national qualifiers were from AAA. 

We are extremely proud of them and wish our winning team all the best for the finals.