AAA School Of Advertising

Date: 29 September – 23 October  

Duration: 4 weeks (± 4 hours/week)
Price: R10 400.00  OR 30% Early bird discount: R7 999.00 if you enrol by 15 September
Contact us for discounts on group bookings.

Resources needed: Access to a computer and internet.

Course Location: Online (two live online sessions per week with access to online resources

Lecturer: Industry expert

Entry requirements: Basic understanding of marketing will be helpful, but not required

AAA Certificate of Achievement will be awarded upon completion.

Brand Engagement

Successful brands have the unique ability to create an engaging experience of their brand.
They know how to drive value beyond each marketing campaign to grow their brand over time. In this course, we will explore what it takes to develop an engaging brand experience. We will look at the skills required to tell your brand story well and how to engage internal stakeholders and target consumers. We will apply best practise to some of the typical challenges marketers and creatives encounter in developing engaging brand experiences for consumers.

this course is ideal for…

  • Anyone involved in developing and executing integrated marketing communications (e.g. Brand Marketing, Advertising, Media, Sales, Customer service and Creatives)
  • Entrepreneurs looking to strengthen customer engagement

In this course you will learn how to:

  • Think strategically about brand engagement and developing the brand experience
  • Optimise your brand positioning to enable you to tell your brand story with impact
  • Successfully engage your target audiences, as well as other internal and external stakeholders
  • Create the brand experience you want customers and consumers to have
  • Develop and execute an engaging brand experience along their engagement journey

In this course you will cover the following topics:

after completing this course

You’ll understand what it takes to create an engaging brand experience for your customers. You will have access to templates to help guide you to develop the experience for your own brand or service and top tips for how to engage others. An online assessment will help ensure your firm understanding of the various themes covered.