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AAA #AList Showcase

This week on the AAA #AList, we’re showcasing the work of Leigh Le Roux, one of our Alumni members, who loves to create, design and dream. Leigh is a full-time UI/UX Designer and Illustrator, who got his creative inspiration from watching anime.

The highlight of Leigh’s career came when he was selected to be the illustrator for the Fak’ugesi Digital African Art Festival in 2018 as this was the first time he saw his work featuring on a building. As for his AAA experience, he loved the people he met while studying, and enjoyed learning with so many other creatives that are now shaping the Advertising landscape today.

Commissioned illustration for Dj Stokie for Spotify Canvas
Commissioned illustration by Acer Africa to showcase the power of their ConceptD Laptop
Two illustrations created for the Labello Design Competition for Strawberry and Blueberry Lip Balm
"Believe in you. It's all about believing in yourself."
Illustration created for the 94.7 Ride Race
Personal illustration from Instagram page, highlighting many of my favourite things
Personal illustration from Instagram illustration page
An illustration for a mouse pad that showcases South African values and the people and what we as South Africans are so proud of
A Collab project between SideStepSA and Adidas
Personal illustration from Instagram illustration page

Be inspired as we recap on his Fak’ugesi win:

More on Leigh on Behance, @leighleroux Twitter and @leighleroux Instagram.