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We provide you with the tools to chart an exciting career.


● Learn from the best in advertising ● Master copywriting for a variety of media ● Build a portfolio ● Build a network ● Win awards that get you noticed ● Intern at leading ACA-member agencies


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am i a candidate?

Learn to write for different media such as television, radio, print (magazines, newspapers, brochures, and advertorials), outdoor (billboards), digital (websites, social platforms, banners) and more. We also equip you with basic editing and proofreading skills.

  • Meet cool people
  • Be mentored by legends
  • Write for big brands
  • The potential to earn a great salary
  • A 4-week internship at an ACA-member agency
  • Matric with at least 26 points
  • A completed creative evaluation

Creative director, copywriter, social media manager, content manager, journalist, public relations manager, and the list goes on. Click to explore

You’re a candidate if you

  • love to write
  • have an enquiring mind
  • are well-read and have a good vocabulary
  • enjoy and thrive working under pressure
  • have good time management
  • are good at working in a team and on your own
  • can think clearly, logically and laterally
  • have a good sense of humour
  • pride yourself on your staying power and the ability to see things through
  • have personal integrity

what next?

are you a storyteller?

Then consider writing for a living

Copywriting diploma

(2 years)

Copywriters are storytellers. Their words inform, inspire, educate and entertain. They communicate with a specific purpose, telling stories of brands and productions in TV, radio and newspaper ads and online content.

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